• CharityAngel


    September 8, 2016 by CharityAngel

    It has taken me 2 days of not playing, but I have finally cleared the last of my gazillion screenshots, and uploaded them.

    Also good news - I got round to taking my laptop apart again and fixing the keyboard connection. Which means that after 4 weeks on the other keyboard, I am having to re-learn where things are supposed to be, which isn't where my fingers now think they are.

    I can hardly believe it, but I think I'm actually up to date finally. And the wiki is now officially mine! Cool, but with scary responsibility at the same time.

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  • CharityAngel

    Good news/bad news

    August 10, 2016 by CharityAngel

    So, my laptop is back, and it now charges again. Yay. But when I put it back together, I don't think I've connected the keyboard back up properly. So only half of it works. I really should open it back up again and reconnect it, but that's effort. And I have a USB keyboard that works okay as a stopgap, even if it's got proper, old-school laptop-sized keys instead of being full-sized. So I'm having to re-learn how to type on a smaller keyboard.

    The better news is that I have been able to catch up with my internet-only games, and I'm actually ahead of my main game in the Village Games quest!

    So, I'm now unlocking loads of things in the Mountain, mostly because my villagers are demanding it. I'm so close to 125 and another Woodland Hero. I coul…

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  • CharityAngel

    Well, shoot

    July 26, 2016 by CharityAngel

    Have hit a snag. My laptop has died. It is currently at the laptop hospital getting a new power socket, but until it comes back, updates will have to be placed on hold.

    I am still playing my main game, but the secondary one (and the tertiary one started to mop up some issues from me screwing up my spreadsheet) are both played via browser, so I'm stuck on them. Mystery of the Misty Marsh might have to wait a while longer to be solved.

    I could theoretically still update some parts, but let's be honest - writing wikitext is horribly difficult on a phone.

    See you with a whole load of Village of Oz updates in a few days. Probably next week by now, and that's probably going to be update-light already because of gishwhes.

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  • CharityAngel

    Continuing updates

    July 19, 2016 by CharityAngel

    GAH! I just completed Task 3 of Airship Down and the damn thing went and hit one of those stupid #200 errors. Let it load back up, and it's lost ALL progress on Task 3. So there might be a delay in updating that one while I moan at Playdemic.

    If only this was the only issue I was having with quests.

    This would be the one with Airship Down. I'm looking more at Mountain stuff, but I'm still mindful that there is still quite a lot to complete on Woodland.

    The Baby stuff in the Mountains is Comp-li-cated! So much you have to unlock on them :(

    And my food store is too small. As if I need 100 Trays to upgrade. Going to end up spending gems, but I'm determined to have at least 50 trays before I do that.

    I'm still plodding through River Rescue, and am …

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  • CharityAngel


    July 13, 2016 by CharityAngel

    So, when I stumbled upon this, after having not played VL for... ooh... four years?, I quickly realised it was somewhat out of date. Although, I have to admit, it has been nice to realise that I wasn't going insane and that the game has changed quite a lot!

    I am trying to update as quickly as I can, but playing and updating simultaneously is a bigger chore than I anticipated. I have about a gazillion screenshots, and can't remember why I took half of them!

    Just to keep you updated on why things seem a bit screwy: when I realised I needed a lot of early data to add to existing pages, I started a second game. I'll keep you updated on how I'm doing as and when (i.e. when I need a break from updating pages themselves).

    This is the game I started …

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