[[Category:{{{location}}}]]The Farewell Quest occurs when your population reaches its limit. This is to make room for younger couples and their new babies.

The quest differs each time it appears (and is dependent upon which village your departing villagers come from), but the gist is the same each time.


Your population is booming so Chris and Mackenzie have decided to leave the village to travel.
Chris: "We love this village but you don't need us any more, our population is at its limit!"
Mackenzie: "So we've decided to follow our dreams and leave the village to seek adventure!"
Villager 1: "We're going to miss you both so much, but it's great that you're living your dream."
Villager 2: "Let's get Chris and Mackenzie a leaving gift. A Satchel for adventuring will help!"

Possible Quests

While the quests themselves may differ (and the specifics of the plot), you will have 2 days to complete a Farewell Quest.

Woodland Riverside Mountain
Hamper of Supplies 25× Apples, 25× Lettuce 25× Raspberries, 25× Pond Snails 25× Squirrel, 25× Birds' Eggs
Trail Satchel 10× Vines, 6× Tin Moss, 8× Nickel 10× Quartz, 10× Fern
Travel Journal Grass, 10× Pine Ash, 18× Hemp 10× Yew, 10× Silver


You will have two fewer villagers, and as long as you complete within the 2 days, you will be gifted a free spin of the Bonus roulette wheel.

Occasionally, an widowed or bachelor/spinster villager may leave instead. This will naturally only reduce your population by one. This doesn't affect any other part of the Quest.