Marriage want

Villager with a full Happiness bar

Happiness is Village Life's version of Experience Points. It is gained by fulfilling the needs of your villagers.


Your villagers have six fundamental needs:

  1. Fire
  2. Water
  3. Shelter
  4. Food
  5. Fun
  6. Family

A Carefree villager

Each time your Villager fulfils a need, they gain Happiness points. If your villager has all of their needs fulfilled (they are "carefree"), you can release these points into your Shrine by clicking on the smiley face next to their happiness meter.

The level of happiness a villager can sustain increases with each level - it starts off fairly low (14 - the number of points given by the Dance Area), and by Level 50 is over 1000.

Useful Information

  • Once a villager has reached the end of their happiness meter, they cannot gain any more points. It is therefore worth releasing happiness regularly.
  • Marriages provide a lot of happiness - they will fill the happiness meter of any villager who attends.
  • Feeding Milk to a baby or toddler often (but not always) fills their happiness meter completely. It is therefore worth harvesting their happiness while they are being fed (i.e. after they have become carefree), and again immediately afterwards.
  • Your villagers will only have one want for each category at any one time, i.e. they will not want both Strawberries and Apples simultaneously.
  • Babies and Toddlers do not display the Shelter want.
  • If a villager is interrupted while using a Fun item, they will release their happiness, but they will not gain any for the activity they were doing. Instead, they will wander off and find something else to do. It is worth allowing them to complete their activity first (unless their meter is full).
  • Releasing full Happiness bars is the basis of the Jubilance achievement
  • Having carefree villagers is the basis of the Happy Fun Time achievement