Hunting is a Skill useful in the Mountain village. It enables your Villagers to hunt for food more efficiently. Hunting always yields 25 servings.


Food Happiness given Collection time Unlock time Tool(s) required
Squirrel symbol Squirrel 31 10 minutes 2 hours Small Trap
Pheasant symbol Pheasant 31 15 minutes 12 hours Light Sling, Cord
Fallow deer symbol Fallow Deer 32 30 minutes 12 hours Slate Spear, Basic Crate
Pigeon symbol Pigeon 40 1 hour 3 days Light Sling, Cord
Grouse symbol Grouse 39 45 minutes 3 days Short Bow, Hamper
Red deer symbol Red Deer 42 1 hour 3 days Basalt Spear, Hamper
Hedgehog symbol Hedgehog 56 2 hours 4 days, 12 hours Medium Trap, Hamper
Capercailie symbol Capercailie 56 3 hours 4 days, 12 hours
Reindeer symbol Reindeer 63 4 hours 4 days, 12 hours
Rabbit symbol Rabbit 79 5 hours 6 days Large Trap, Cable
Peacock symbol Peacock 82 6 hours 6 days Composite Bow, Large Hamper
Elk symbol Elk 89 7 hours 6 days Longbow, Maple Box
Hare 104 8 hours 7 days, 12 hours
Quail symbol Quail 108 9 hours 7 days, 12 hours Heavy Sling, Reinforced Crate
Boar 115 10 hours 7 days, 12 hours Longbow, Maple Box

Hunting Lodge

When you reach the Mountain village, you will receive a quest to restore the Hunting Lodge. Once you have done so, you will be able to begin unlocking hunted resources.

Number of posts Unlock time Build time Items needed
Hunting lodge 1 symbol
1 none 5 hours Lodge Supplies, Slate Mallet
Hunting lodge 2 symbol
2 3 days 1 day Lodge Materials, Gold Mallet,
10× Hunting Whistles
Hunting lodge 3 symbol
3 4 days, 12 hours 2 days Lodge Textiles, Platinum Mallet,
10× Hunting Callers
  • denotes a request or "Ask" item

Special Items

The Hunting Lodges use unique items in their construction: items which must be crafted at a Workshop prior to construction. 45 minutes are required for crafting.

Lodge Supplies

Lodge Supplies are used to build Hunting Lodge 1. 20 Yew planks and 14 boxes of Silt are needed.

Lodge Materials

Lodge Materials are used to build Hunting Lodge 2. 20 Beech planks and 17 Peat bricks are needed.

Lodge Textiles

Lodge Textiles are used to build Hunting Lodge 3. 20 Chestnut planks and 15 Stoneware Clay bricks are needed.