Mystery of the Misty Marsh is a Timed Quest that occurs after the Bakery Burglar Quest has been completed. There are 5 tasks, and you will have 15 days in which to complete them.


Your villagers are concerned - food is going missing, and there are strange noises coming from the swamp in the west of the village


1. Search the Marsh

Your villagers decide to investigate what is going on, but they are too spooked to do it without some kind of protection.

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Pack of Torches 8 hours 20× Blaze Stalk, 20× Swamp Cypress
Lynching Pitchforks 8 hours 20× Swamp Cypress, 30× Tin
Marsh Boots
1× Ask
  • denotes a request or "Ask" item

Once you have gathered your Mob Gear, it will take you 12 hours to search the marsh.

2. Trap Rats

Your villagers discover two children trapped in the marsh. They are being attacked by wild rats. The rats are the ones responsible for the missing food. You will need to trap the rats to stop the food going missing and free the children.

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Rat Trap 8 hours 20× Giant Sundews, 20× Trailing Briar
Mouse House 8 hours 20× Trailing Briar, 20× Copper
Rat Bait
10× Asks

Once you have built your trap and house, it will take you 12 hours to trap the rats.

3. Build Rat Dummy

Fiona (and her pet mouse Gunther) have been rescued, but her friend is still in danger from a giant rat! It is so big that it can't be trapped. Fiona decides to take on the rat, now that she isn't trapped, but she will need to train first.

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Stuffed Rat 8 hours 20× Mire Cotton, 20× Blaze Stalk,
10× Paper Maché
Hitching Post 12 hours 20× Bog Rush, 20× Swamp Cypress
Whacking Sticks
10× Asks

Once you have completed the dummy, Fiona will train for 12 hours.

4. Banish The Rat

Fiona is raring to go, but the giant rat has sharp teeth! She'll need armor and sword to go up against the rat. Build some armor and a sword to help Fiona defeat the giant rat.

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Armor 12 hours 20× Swamp Holly, 20× Fen Cedar
Wooden Sword 12 hours 20× Fen Cedar, 20× Bog Rush
Chain Links
10× Asks

Once the armor and sword are ready, banishing the rat takes 18 hours.

5. Repair Treehouse

Fiona has defeated the giant rat and saved her brother. Your villagers offer to let them stay in the village, but they will need a home. They decide to repair the treehouse (and to build a mud bath to relax in).

Item needed Time to make Requirements
Mud Tub+ 18 hours 20× Mineral Mud, 20× Marsh Balsa,
10× Mineral Salts
Tub Heater+ 18 hours 20× Fen Cedar, 20× Copper
Construction Tools
10× Asks

+ Once you have build the Mud Tub and the Tub Heater, you will need to construct the Mud Bath. This will take 12 hours.

Repairing the treehouse will take 18 hours


  • Task 1 - Search Equipment
  • Task 2 - Pet Mouse (decoration)
  • Task 3 - Training Dummy
  • Task 4 - Armor Costume
  • Task 4 - 2× child villagers
  • Task 5 - Mud Bath - 274 Happiness Points per use
  • Task 5 - Treehouse


  • Recommended Unlocking order
    1. Swamp Cypress
    2. Blaze Stalk
    3. Trailing Briar
    4. Giant Sundew
    5. Mire Cotton
    6. Bog Rush
    7. Fen Cedar
    8. Swamp Holly
    9. Mineral Mud
    10. Marsh Balsa


  • This used to be the first in the series of timed quests. However, since the introduction of The Bakery Burglar (a much easier quest to complete), it has been moved to second.
  • From the moment the quest starts, your village becomes infested with creepy black rats. Amusingly, these rats only face in one direction, and will seemingly walk backwards if they move the opposite way.
  • You will have to use gems to complete this quest - there is not enough time to allow for unlocking and harvesting/making in the last task.