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A pregnant villager

Pregnancy is a life event that ensures your village will continue.

Once your villagers are married, they will want to have a baby. By clicking on this want, your couple will visit the 'Love Shack' and try for a baby.


See Charm for more details about selecting babies.

Success at the Love Shack

If your couple is successful in producing a baby, you will be presented with a pop-up asking you to select the Charm(s) you wish to use for your new baby villager. This will determine the number of babies your couple has, and their skill level(s).

When you have selected your charm(s), you will be need to drag them to the Shrine. Once done, a baby carousel will appear. By clicking/tapping the charm, the carousel will slow, and eventually stop on your baby.

Your female will then spend the next 24 hours pregnant with the baby/babies. While she is pregnant, she will not be able to undertake any work, except for feeding babies. Alternatively, you can spend 32 gems for her to deliver immediately.

Pregnant older woman

Although most pregnancies occur in 'Adult' women - i.e. under the age of 40 - it has been observed that some older women have become pregnant when their husbands are younger.


If your couple are unsuccessful in their attempt to have a baby, they will have to wait 8 hours before they can try again. Or, you can spend 12 gems to let them have another go immediately.

Even if they fail to conceive, the Pregnancy want will be fulfilled for the duration of the waiting period.


  • If a woman becomes pregnant while she is performing a task, she will immediately complete the task. This is very useful if there is a long task that you want performing quickly (although, of course, they may be unsuccessful).
  • Only one couple per village can have the baby want at any one time. Even if they fail to conceive, no-one else will want to try in the meantime.
  • Although unproven, it does appear that keeping the couple's wants to a minimum, they will have more success at the Love Shack. Couples who have two or more wants (other than the baby) seem to be less successful in trying to conceive.